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This month, for the section Art & Expression, an amazing artist that I discovered browsing the web few months ago. Her works are so great that I couldn't wait to share them with all of you. Her name is Isabelle Maroger, a sweet 32 years old french girl, and I'm proud to present to all my readers the little "interview" she gave to Ladyfairy's closet.

Isabelle is the artist behind isacile.blogspot.com, her own blog. Born and grown in Lyon, after completing three years of study at Nimes art school (the last of which she spent in Germany), she attended the faculty of art at the University Emile Cohl where she graduated in 2003. Artist for vocation, illustrator by profession, Isabelle works for publishing, press and advertising, for which she created several products, all to discover, and with other 9 freelance artists she shared a gallery - studio in Lyon.

Working on several fronts, at the moment she has <<for hands a bd projects>> but she dreams of launch herself into a own writing project. Her works are truly amazing and just from a glance you have the feel that they are influenced by the reality that surrounded her. That's why I asked her from what she gets her inspiration and she said: <<From everything! Mine is a job where you have to be extremely curious. You can take your inspiration also from music to fashion, from movies to people... what it's important is to keep always your eyes wide open!>>

Gifted of a great artistic spirit, many of  her artworks are made in comic style, in which characters live several exhilarating situations! Many books, in fact, she worked on like "Adolescence: Découvertes et nouvelles questions" by Silvie Misslin... all to read! However, Isabelle has a big passion for collages... an artist of many talents!

When you are very active, it's not always easy to menage your own creativity and find the right concentration, so I asked her what is the way to find hers: <<Music, a lot of coffee and regular  tumblr breaks!>>.  To question if there's a particular city or gallery in which she'd like to expose her works, she said: <<I don't necessarily seek to expose for the moment, I'd like to have the chance to expose in our gallery, but this is not an upcoming project>>.

In a world strongly influenced by technology, I asked her what's her favourite mean of comunication to express her creativity and her artworks: <<My blog, Flick and Tumblr that are a huge source of inspiration! Before start to work, I always take full peepers and going to jump on tumblr>>.

Being my a fashion blog, I asked her what is her way to see fashion and she answered: <<I love fashion, but I don't follow it litterally. In my opinion the most elegant fashionistas are people, who create a their own creative style. I admire Patti Smith in the 70's with her three pieces and rope; singers like Alice Glass or Caroline Martial (Kap Bambino) inspire me a lot! Fashion is first of all creativity, it's not enough to buy a dress or a particual brand to be stylish. Illustrations feeds on fashion 'cause when I create a character I try to give it a unique look, a singular mood and an elegant style>>. Another question I asked her is for which brand she would like to work, if she has the chance, and why and she said: <<Isabel Marant, for her uninhibited style>>.

Following the motto Less is more, to those who want to become illustrators she suggest: <<to be curious about everything and nothing, to forge themselves with a good training, to be constantly renewed, to never feel satisfied>>.

Isabelle is a really great artist and I'm honored to had the chance to give her my little space. If you enjoyed this interview and liked her works as much as I did, follow her on her website, on flickr and tumblr.  Tell me what you think... I'll see you next time!

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  1. WOW she is really very talented , I have enjoyed the interview !

    XX Luba


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  2. E' bravissima!! Amo vedere questo genere di illustrazioni, ti ringrazio perchè non la conoscevo!! Un bacio cara!:*

  3. Amazing sketches - so funny and beautiful! Great post dear! And I loved your post on the Little Black Jacket. You gave a great insight! Thanks dear for sharing the link with me;)




  4. hey hun
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    you have such amazing posts!
    check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it:)


  5. voto 87!

    ovviamente non conoscevo quest'artista francese!!!
    bravissima nel disegnare queste illustrazioni.....ed anche molto umoristica!

  6. I already knew her work. She is amazing. I visit her blog everyday. Nice interview!!!


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