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Art and Expression: Francesco D'Isa

Hello guys! After a short Christmas break, here we are with another rendezvous with one of my favourite column, Art & Expression. We start again in great style, with an amazing artist, a talented and original illustrator that I had the fortune to discover on internet recently. I'm talking about Francesco D'Isa, artist and curator who with his thirty-two years old, already has made many group and solo exhibitions, won several awards and which artworks have appeared on several magazines. 

We don't know much about him because, as he write in the profile of his website, since he was born he <<love synthesis and hate biography>>. It's a real pleasure to me to present to all of you the "interview" he has issued for Ladyfairy's closet.

When your passion for art is born?
It's hard to retrace a beginning. Since I was a kid I drew, cut out and created strange assemblies, so I'd say a little less than thirty years.

On what are you working right now? Future projects?
Actually I'm working on two projects. A serial novel I'm writing for a journal, Il Post (http://www.ilpost.it/francescodisa/2012/10/20/feuilleton-pornographique/), in which is narrated the story of two brothers, to be precise a brother and a sister, named Claude and Claude. Both work in porn industry, in different roles and with opposite goals. To tell the story will be Franco Spiegelmann, producer and owner of "Perverse Angels", a basically horrible man. Everything starts, takes place and ends in the skyscraper of the studios. 
Then I'm working on a project to create collaborative paintings with other artists, but I can't anticipate too much yet...

From what do you take your inspiration?
I don't know what else to say but "almost everything". 

What art is for you? And what's your relationship with it?
It's a necessity that becomes a craft as well as one of things that I love to do the most (and I can do, I guess). Is hard to indicate some artists they would be too many and they change year after year. 

What is the subject/object constantly represented in your artworks? And why?
Women, because for a man they are the most similar of differences and so they are a great way to represent and be represented. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with them.

How would you define your artistic style?
It's hard to define yourself without bad faith; I basically define it as a trick. 

What do you think that distinguishes from other artists?
The fact that what I did is radically mine, for better or for worse.

Tell me about your first work.
I don't remember my first work, but I remember the one that I liked, thirteen years ago, I guess. It was in that moment that I realized that I had to continue and that maybe I would did something nice.

Which of your works do you love the most?
The last ones. I guess they are like my minor children. Above all "Europa", the big painting I have put on sale by slice (www.slicedart.org). 

How do you get your inspiration? Do you listen some music while you're working? Or do you follow particular "ritual" before start to work?
I don't follow precise rules; sometimes I listen the music, sometimes I don't. The most important is loneliness, or at least that nobody watches me while I'm working. 

There's a particular city in which you would like to expose your artworks? And in which museum or gallery?
Berlin, I particularly love it. I'd like to expose "Europa" and "Postdamer Platz".

A positive and a negative side of your job.
That I love it and that it doesn't pay me enough.

My blog is basically focused on fashion. What fashion is to you? And how would you combine it with art?
I also worked on a project in which I combined my art with fashion (with the brand bigfatfanny), but I would be honest: it was a cool experience for what it concerns the creation of garments but I didn't love the environment in which they were presented. I think that fashion, in its most deteriorated manifestations is a simplified, falsified and retracted version of art; while in its most pure manifestations it's a form of love of beauty.

If they propose to you to work for a fashion brand, what brand or designer would you like to work for? And why?
I don't know. With the one who gives me more freedom and pays me more. 

Which means of communication do you prefer to share your creativity and your artworks?
Internet, with no doubt. 

An anectode to tell. The funniest thing that happened to you as artist?
Many strange things happen. One was being stopped in the street by a stranger who had red my graphic novel. It wouldn't be strange at all if it didn't happened with two different people but in the same place.

What do you suggest to those who want to pursue the carreer of illustrator?
To be modest when they create and arrogant when they finish. To have the courage to destroy their own work as well as they propose it. To don't ever think to have been able to do what they wanted, but to love their own attempts. 

A quote or a motto that describes you.
If just a quote can be enough... this could be the motto.

I hope you liked his works as much as I did, I think that they're absolutely awesome! If you want to discover more about this amazing artist I recommend to you to visit his  website and his blog. You can also find him on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

I really do hope that you enjoyed this little interview. See you next month with another artist, always here on Art & Expression, always on Ladyfairy's closet.

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  1. molto particolari questi disegni....bravissimo!
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    voto 183!

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