Fashion icon of the month: Miroslava Duma

The first fashion icon of 2013 comes directly from Russia with love... and style! She's young, successful, married with a russian tycoon, works like fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia and she is the style icon of an entire country. With other young ladies like Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevigne, Miroslava Duma is one of the coolest It-girls of the moment, regular of fashion week around the world, acclaimed by fashion magazines and paparazzi that compete each other to photograph all her outfits.

Spearhead of Harper's Bazaar Russia, she also works as freelance journalist for Ok Magazine, Tatler and Glamour Russia. Not satisfied of a carreer on rise, she also is the blogger behind Buro 247 (http://www.buro247.ru/)... there's nothing else to say: she has talent and that's a given! 

Elena Perminova and Mira Duma at Kenzo after show

With a beauty soap and water and an impeccable sense of style, it didn't take long before she was noticed by experts in fashion field. One of the firsts has been Scott Schuman, author of The Sartorialist (the acclaimed and feared blog of street style), who photographed her during the Paris Fashion Week. After him her name and the pictures of her outfits started to circulate on web so fast to turn her into an international trendsetter, contended by designers who racing to have her in the parterre of their shows and imitated by the fashion addicted of the whole world who would do everything to have just a piece of her perfect wardrobe. 

Elena Perminova and Mira Duma
Her style is very interesting: based on the concept less is more, it's eclectic but sophisticated, original but never exagerated, unmistekable and personal, characterized by a perfect mix among evergreen pieces and boho chic garments with a ladylike allure, super cool and studied in detail. She has an obsessive attention for accessories starting from which she often creates the whole outfit.

Main elements of her style are:
  • dresses and skirt that give her a sophisticated allure of young and estabilished career woman;
  • basic outfits made more lively by some prints and big accessories;
  • Kelly, the icon bag signed by Hermes, of which she has a collection and to which she doesn't give up;
  • black shoes with heels and plateau, often matched with black stockings;
  • reuse: despite what you might aspect from a fashion icon of her caliber, Miroslava doesn't dislike recycling of garments and accessories with which she creates always new and super glam outfuts.
Here a slideshow of her best looks...

Beautiful, talented and stylish, Mira is a continuous source of inspiration and, in my opinion, truly deserves the title of fashion icon. 
What do you think? 

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  1. Her style is fantastic!!

  2. hi, what a great post! thanks for your comment, i follow you ;)

  3. Anche a me piace molto il suo stile! che belle immagini! un bacio cara!:*

  4. voto 195!
    dalla russia mi mancava uno stilista!!!!!

  5. She looks gorgeous - love her style!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Such an interesting post! I never heard of her before but she does have impeccable style!

  7. Mira is really awesome :*

    Lots of kisses,




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