Paris Haute Couture S/S 2013

It's just ended the Paris Haute Couture S/S 2013, the event dedicate to haute couture that had as its frame the city emblem of fashion: Paris, in the great and magic scenary of Carrousel du Louvre. 

Elegance, femininity and glamour, but also retro inspiration and a more aggressive mood, are the interpretations of these four days of fashion shows during which walked the catwalks the biggest names of fashion scene: from Chanel to Valentino, passing by Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Atelier Versace.  As always there were collections I liked most and other I liked less but, at the end of the day, I have to say I'm pretty satisfied. Here the best collections, in my opinion.

It seems to have been transported inside a fairy forest in which beautiful creatures penetrate wearing tweed clothes characterized by gothic inspiration touches, elegant and sensual at the same time as the  evening dresses, made with sequins, feathers and 3D floral embroidery that give to them a romantic and nostalgic allure. The collection is classic for the Maison: dresses and suits are alternated to a fresh twist given by accessories.

A romantic and elegant collection proposed by Raf Simons at his second trial as director of brand Dior. A collection that referes to the historical classis of the Maison. Beyond the inevitable tailleurs and smoking Bar, the designer presented dresses inspired, in shapes, materials and combination of colors, by flowers. Along a fairy garden the models walk wrapped in splendid tulle, organza, lace and embroidery into an atmosphere of etereal grace.

Grace and lightness are the exact interpretations of the haute couture collection proposed by Elie Saab for S/S 2013 that might non shine for originality compared to the other collections presented by the designer, but that doesn't betrayl the aspectations. The dresses are, in fact, a tribute to femininity, made in delicate colors like light blue, mauve, champagne and pale pink, and fabrics like chiffon, organza and tulle. Every single dress is enriched by sequins, jais and crystals inserts or embellished by silver threads. A tribute to romanticism and a sophisticated elegance that made the fortune of the brand.

When it comes to fashion Valentino is alwyas an assurance. The brand, emblem of class and timeless charm, doesn't disappoint this time either and proposes an amazing collection for S/S 2013, played on the shades of white, black and red (main color of the maison) that shine in the finale of the show with a shower of sequins on the evening dresses. A triumph of elegance and delicacy and a tribute to the season are evident on the floral explosion that appears like a painting on clothes. The pastel colors,  the shine touches of gold and crystals, the flowers apllied on corsets and on lenghts are the characteristics of an opulent and magnificent collection that will make you dream.

One of the most appreciated and photographed It-girls in the world (honorary member of what the insiders call The russian fashion pack), inevitable presence in the parterre of the fashion shows of the biggest brands and idolized trendsetter decided to play the role of fashion designer presenting  a great collection  for S/S 2013. Inspired by movies like Go with the wind and The wizard of Oz, Ulyana Sergeenko has been able to emphasize the sexy side of the protagonists of these movies bringing on catwalk corset dresses matched with micro culottes and straw hats, flared skirts with bucolic prints worn with oversized ruffle and fedora shirts and micro dresses with bustier belts. On her second trial, I'd say she passed it great!

Ladylike, elegant, lively and light... Any adjective would be sweet enough to describe the S/S  2013 collection by Alexis Mabille. Delicate pastel colors paint dresses made with soft tulle and precious organza and embellished by splendid embroidery and floral applications... Like magic creatures the models brought on catwalk a little bit of that magic that only fashion can create.

With this collection the brand proved how even in animalier inspiration can hide a sophisticated and classy mood that has nothing to envy to other collections. For S/S 2013, Valli is clearly inspired by animal world, dominated by tigers, zebras and crocodiles denaturating the most commun and aggressive, almost sensual, side giving to it an etereal and expected allure. The dresses present 3D floral inserts, applaied on tulle and organza, and colors that look like strokes on a canvas. This collection is a true artwork, the proof that haute couture is not a monopoly of rich old women, but also of beautiful and confident young women, like the It-girls friend of the designer.

The collection is inspired by a modern, sensual and confident woman who, during the day, wears smoking suits without shirt from which neckline is possible to see the navel, while at night she preferes wear clothes that emphasize her silhouette thanks the good use of asymmetries and dizzy gaps, enriched by sequins and organza inserts.

What do you think?

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  1. great post honey, i really love paris and the couture!


  2. Ciao carissima, Elie Saab e Valentino sono stati i miei preferiti! Che bella recap! Un abbraccio a te e buon lunedì!:*

  3. Adoro as coleções de Valentino!!!

    Bjs, Marlene


  4. Bellissime collezioni!! :) Le mie preferite sono Elie Saab e Valentino!

    GIVEAWAY NEL MIO BLOG!! PROVA A VINCERE UN FANTASTICO GIOIELLO:http://www.voguebuster.net/2013/01/les-jumelles-giveaway.html

    Ti aspetto!



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