Odi et Amo: Hula Hoop bag

Hi guys! As I've annunced few months ago, this year I want to inaugurate a new column. Has it never happened walking in the street, taking a look to fashion shows or check out the magazines to see stuff you like and you fell in love with immediately and other ones that inspire in you diametrically opposed feelings. If this happened to you at least once, you were victims too of what I call Odi et Amo Syndrome. This new column is dedicated to it, to all those stuff that you can only love or hate.

After a little anticipation dedicated to the ugliest shoes in the world (in my opinion), the Beckett shoes by Isabel Marant (of which I talked about here), I couldn't wait to start officially and, finally, now it's time! Few months ago, it was october, I was focused on magazines and fashion channels in occasion of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013. After seeing and appreciating the collections of Dior and Chloé, I was watching the Chanel fashion show. I started complimenting the clothes and accessories, reflecting about the great taste of the collection and thinking that Chanel is always Chanel and then it comes: white leather, round... huge! Is the Hula Hoop bag, Karl Lagerfeld's personal tribute to one the most famous toy in the world, appreciated by kids and adults, presented in two versions: maxi and mini.

Okay, let's talk about it. We all agree that to succeed in fashion scene you have to be always original and never ordinary, we all agree that from a poliedric and sometimes eccentric personality like Karl Lagerfeld one we can expect everything, but this?! Watching the models wearing this impractical wheel with an unlikely nonchalance, the first question that crossed my mind was: why? And the second: seriously? Two rigid circles, equal to the circles that hover around the waist of little girls, are the handles of bag placed between the two. The result? All shock and no chic!

Oh, come on! On what occasion could you wear a bag like that? Ah, of course, on the beach! Karl said it too... I can't stop laughing thinking about the face he did when, a bit annoyed, after the show, he had to explain to an arm of stunned journalists the use of this bizarre creation: <<It's for the beach. You need space for the beach towel, huh? and then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it>>

Seriously Karl? But thinking about it has a point... I mean, if you are not comfortable to look like Wilma Flinstone and walking a wheel, you can always work of immagination and experiment new uses. Are you running out of ideas? There are some that might interest you...
  • Did you exceed with food during the holidays and you put on a few extra pounds? No problem! Goodbye losers and smelly gyms, I do exercise with hola hoop in the rythm of Chanel!
  • Is hot outside and you are scared to get sunstroke? You can always use it as hat... but hurry up. Thats's just a question of time before Anna Dello Russo steals to you the idea!
  • Your boyfriend or your friends dragged you in camping and you don't want to give up to glamour? Don't worry: open it and do a tent;
  • Did you say to your boss that you're sick but you're actually doing shopping and you're scared to be caught? Well, if you're fast you can hide inside it and no one will ever find you... for sure!

What can I say? A bag of thousand faces for thousand different personalities! Now, beyond irony, I'm sorry if my words will hurt the tenderhearted feelings of the most addicted fashionistas, who elected it (in its smallest version) as best accessory of 2013, but I really don't like: I think it's ugly, uncomfortable and unusable excepted for some photoshoots realized by some glossy fashion magazines, even if matched with... no, neither in that case! Whatever my opinion is, the harsh laws of fashion have made of hula hoop the new trend for the next spring/summer season. Will it be a success? Posterity will judge! 

What do you think about it? It's odi or amo?

P.S. This is what happened in my head to the sight of Hula Hoop bag... enjoy it!

8 commenti:

  1. cray cray! I don't know whether to love or hate them, yet.

  2. ahah sono d'accordo! però devo dire che hai il suo fascino!:P Un bacio cara, buona serata!!:*

  3. Complimenti per il tuo blog...molto bello..da oggi ti seguo anche io...un bacio.

  4. voto 219!!!!
    ahahah fortissime queste creazioni.......io ero una schiappa cn l'hula hoop....chissà forse sarei piu' brava a portarlo a mo di borsa!

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