Fashion icon of the month: Felicity Jones

Piercing eyes, pale skin, saucy fringe and innocent look that wins... the protagonist of  the column Fashion icon of the month, dedicated to the coolest fashion icons of the moment is Felicty Jones, one of the youngest promises of british cinema.

Born 29 years ago in Birningham, supported by her father and her uncle, she begins soon to recite, getting first minor roles in tv series and theatrical productions until she gets her firsts important roles in movies like Brideshead, Flashbacks and The Tempest. In 2011 she plays in Chalet Girl next to Ed Westwick and receives a Special Jury Price (Dramatic) at Sundace Festival for her performance in Like Crazy that consecrates her as one of the most talented actresses of the international scene and thanks to which she won an award like Actress revelation of the year. In 2012 she plays Emily in the movie Hysteria, that tells in an ironic and fictionalized way the invention of the vibrator to cure the female hysteria and she is busy on the set of The Invisible Woman, a movie directed and interpretated by Ralph Fiennes.

Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones in Chalet Girl (2011)

With a style and an elegance that reminds actresses of the past like Audrey Hepburn, Felicity is also courted by fashion industry. After being the face of Burberry Prorsum's F/W 2011 advertising campaign next models like Cara Delevigne, Edie Campbell and Jourdan Dunn, she has been chosen by Dolce and Gabbana for the young line of Make Up thanks to her discrete, elegant and surely non-conventional beauty that represents the perfect mix of youth, grace, innocence and sensuality that the designers want to promote. Since then she is became one of the regulars at fashion shows of brands like Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Proenza Schouler and Miu Miu

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2011-12
Dolce and Gabbana - Bouquet Make Up
Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Dianna Agron, Felicity Jones and Chloe Sevigny at Miu Miu's fashion show S/S 2013
Her style is simple with a delicate retro touch and a special french twist. She mixes colors, shapes, prints and textures to create her own style strongly influenced by 60's and the icons of that period. As she said she gets the inspiration to create her look by many things: <<I like different people for different occasions - I love Brigitte Bardot and all her outfits in Le Mépris, I love Grace Kelly in Rear Window, and at the same time I love Patti Smith's androgynous style for everyday wear. I love Anna Karina too, the danish actress who was Jean-LucGodard's muse - the cat-eye look>>. With her experimentations, Felicity can make her style actual adding a touch of modernity to her looks.

Main elements of her wardrobe are:
  • basic clothes and neutral colors like ivory and white, evergreen black and delicate pastel colors;
  • short dresses, often characterized by flared shapes;
  • colour-clashing accessory;
  • statement shoes;
  • nenutral make up, that she often revives with red lips.
I like her: she is fresh, graceful and stylish and even if she's a new face in fashion scene I think she has everything she needs to be considered a fashion icon. Here a short slideshow of her best looks.

What do you think?

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