Milan Fashion Week F/W 2013-14

Is just ended the Milan Fashion Week F/W 2013-14, one of the most expected event in fashion world. It has been a week of purest fashion during which we have seen different and styles and personalities.

Unlike what usually happens, I have to say that I appreciated every collection presented, each of them was interesting and particular in its own way. But having to give a brief summary, here's, in my opinion, the best of MFW 2013.

The collection is a tribute to a discrete and sophisticated elegance. Main element is peplum that, enriched by soft folds, enphasizes the silhouette. Very nice the embroidery that give grace to chiffon, silk and velvet dresses. 

This collection looks like an old photo. The inspiration comes from english countrysides where dominate warm earth colors and plaid prints next to flora prints more similar to tapestry. Characterized by soft and flared shapes, the collection is the rapresentation of a strong femininity that is never flaunted. 

One of the coolest moments in MFW has surely been the fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana. In this collection there's all the sicilian religious tradition and the decorations of the byzantine churches that are reflected on garments enriched by applications that look like mosaics pieces. Even this time Stefano and Domenico gave proof of their maestry with a collection that found the perfect balance among tailoring, luxury and craftsmanship and that also is a tribute to the excellence of italian fashion and style.

The collection created by Peter Dundas is more cool and urban than ever. All the glamour and the energy of metropolitan style are perfectly united with a more slow and refined mood. The result is a great and sexy collection with a little vintage look. 

This show was one of the most interesting during the entire MFW. The inspiration comes from the far East and dominates the whole collection: from outwear to dresses to bottoms. Protagonists of this collection are not only prints (oriental, floral and animalier, trademark of the brand),  but also iconic garments and accessories like leather jackets and backpacks.

In this collection the designer proposed a fascinating and little retro style, inspired by the class and the elegance of 30's and 40's that are visible on the delicate dresses proposed for daywear and even more on the ones for nightwear that are enriched by laces and subtle gold inserts.

This is definitely one of the collection that I liked the most. The brand brought on catwalk all the glam of british tradition reinterpreted in a more modern and  irriverent way. One after the other walk the catwalk the soldiers of Buckingham Palace for the change of the guard, the schoolgirls with their typical uniforms, the party girls and also elegant ladies dressed with stylish men suits. A great collection, brit pop style.

Games of volumes and overlaps characterize this collection by Salvatore Ferragamo. Inspired by elegant and minimal architectures, the collection presents garments with clean volumes that empahsize the silhouette and focus the attention on legs. Everything is enriched and made more glamorous by fetish accessories.

And you? What is your favourite collection?

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  1. non amo dolce e gabbana....ma devo dire che questa collezione mi piace molto!

  2. Alberta Ferretti and Andrea Incontri are my favourite ones!!

  3. Lovely collection! I love all of them.


  4. beautiful collections.

  5. Looks so great! :)

    From Finland, with ♥,

  6. I looove Ferragamo's colection!

  7. love this post!
    would you like to follow each other?
    flw me and tell about this! if u like my posts))
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  8. le mie preferite sono sicuramente Dolce e Gabbana e Angelo Marani! Bel post, mi hai conquistata e ti seguo volentieri, se ti va di vedere il mio "best" della fashion week milanese vieni a trovarmi su
    xoxo M


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