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Muisc&Fahion: Florence Welch

This month for the column Music&Fashion the spotlight shine on one of the most talented and interesting artists of the contemporary music scene. Fire red hair, languid look (almost melanchonic) and an enchanting voice. Just a few strokes, few shades, are enough to describe Florence Welch, vocalist of the Florence + The Machine the band with which she has climbed the pinnacle of success in just four years.

Her career starts in 2009, year of publication of Lungs that, thanks to a sound that goes from indie to alternative rock, passing by soul, blues and slowcore, she gets the first place in the raking of best-selling albums in the UK, whose songs  are used as soundtrack to several succesful movies and TV series.  You've got the love, Drumming and Cosmic Love conquer international charts. Since that moment has been a continuous rise. After the success of Lungs she released Cerimonials in 2010, anticipated by the single Shake it out, that saw the collaboration of Karl Lagerfeld who drew the cover.  Is interesting observe her in her music videos. She moves in front of the camera with grce and ease, giving immediately a display of her passion for fashion. In Rabbit heart, for example, she looks amazing in the shoes of a nymph, while dancing and feasting in a surreal wood Alice in Wonderland style... or again, in Haevy in your arms she is ipnotic wrapped in dark and gothic atmospheres...

Elegant and feminine, unconventionally beautiful, Florence is not only a talented singer, she also has a great sense of style that surely has not gone unnoticed by glossy fashion magazines and designers, who contend her among photoshoot and fashion shows (do you rember her walking hand in hand with Karl Lagerfeld after Chanel's show S/S 2012?), and that made her one of the coolest fashion icon of the moment, also thanks to a personal style that mixes retro suggestions, vintage pieces, pret-à-porter and haute couture and the describe as a <<mix between the Lady of Shalott and Ophelia>>.

Also thanks to a body that nothing has to envy to a model's body, Florence is the emblem of that effortless glamour that goes normally from romantic to boho chic mood, playing with grace and style, for an always trendy and cool result.

Her clothes perfectly reflect her personality, characterized by many facets, each with its own specific characteristics. The main elements of her style are:
  • tailoring: with a huge passion for Givenchy, Valentino and Chanel, of which she has been named ambassador by kaiser Karl in person, Florence often choses clothes characterized by unusual cuts, precious fabrics that emphasize shapes and volumes, and games of transparences that give a sensual and mysterious allure to her looks;
  • white: with all its shades it plays an important role in many of her outfits. The non-color par excellence, surely not easy to wear, is often bravely chosen accompanied by nude shades that are perfectly suitable with her red hair;
  • prints: optical, cachemere or floral, she wear them as long as they remind 70's style that she likes so much;
  • accessories: rings and long necklaces are the last gems of her outftis, worn with grace and ease;
  • makeup: lips are almost always red like the color of her hair and the shades of her music, so particular thank to use of instrumets like harp, which sound becomes a key element of this band.

I like her style so much because it's so eclectic and versatile, surely never obvious or trivial. Is like sha has two souls in her: the first one is delicate and ethereal, almost angelic, the second is darker and is not afraid to show off its sensuality. Here a short selection pf her best looks.

What do you think about?

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  1. Great feature ! She is really gorgeous !

    XX Luba

    Fashion meets Social consciousness in LOV project today on

  2. i like her music and style

  3. oddio.....come sto indietro....non la conoscevo :-(
    bella rossa :-)

  4. Her music is absolutely amazing! Her style has such a different and unique appeal!

    xoxo Akinyi


  5. Tento da una vita di avere capelli di questo colore ç__ç
    Sono stupendiiii *-*


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