Fashion icon of the month: Ulyana Sergeenko

The fashion icon of this month comes from Russia with love... 32 years old, statuesque body, ice-blue eyes and an inviable class: I'm talking about Ulyana Sergeenko, the most famous russian trend setter of the fashion system.

In collaboration with her friend Yana Raskovalova, she realized a collection of necklaces, earrings, pins and hair accessories with rich materials like gold and precious stones, entirely handmade. Former model, fashionista, stylist and recently fashion designer, Ulyana is a true institution when it comes to fashion.

With her sophisticated and refined collections, that remind the style of the great characters of russian and american litterature, she conquered a place of honor in the Olympus of parisian haute couture and there's no fashion week or show in general that doesn't see her protagonist, on catwalk (in the role of designer) or in the audience, and immortalized by photographers and bloggers. However, how can we blame them? Ulyana has from her a personal and inimitable style, cared in details; a true trademark that she shows off with the most sophisticated naturalness.

A style that is a tribute to femininity and elegance, characterized by a strong retro taste that reminds the cool icons of style and beauty like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O'. Here a gallery of her best looks.

Main elements of her style are:
  • 50's shapes: from dresses to bottoms, she always looks like came out of "La dolce vita" of Federico Fellini;
  • floral prints: almost everywhere, from clothes to accessories;
  • headpiece: big hats, but also turbans, foulards and headbands;
  • heels: I don't think there's a single picture where she wears flat shoes;
  • scarlet lips, that match perfectly with her diaphanous skin;
  • eyeliner, that emphasizes her blue eyes.

In her stand, Ulyana Sergeenko represents not only a fashion icon but also a gracefull and elegant femininity, refined and simple at the same time. A modern princess that make us dream with open eyes, evoking shapes and atmospheres of the past.

3 commenti:

  1. Adoro il suo stile! Ed anche le collezioni sono stupende!:) Un bacio cara, buon fine settimana!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Ulyana.

  3. Nice post. I admit, she's quite fab and unique in her style.


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