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Hi guys! After being away for a couple of months (they looked many more to me) is arrived the moment to get off the moon and bring my feet again on earth.After two months of relax and fun is still a little difficult to get used to the daily routine, but with my memories of this last summer still pressed in my mind, here another stop to add to our shopping trip around the world. This time I play at home, in my beuatiful Italy: the destination of this month is, in fact, Rome.

After a long time I finally had the chance to come back in Rome... what can I say? The atmosphere you can breath there is something magical, almost indescribable. Full of story and with a timeless charm, Rome is -  and I say without any exageration - maybe the most beautiful city in the whole world that everyone, at least once in life, has to see. Among a visit to the Colosseum, the launch of a coin in the Trevi Fountain (the one of La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini) and a cup of coffee at the Caffé Greco - my favourite café of Rome - a bit like Audrey Hepburn I enjoyed my personal roman holidays! And whereas, in my opinion a vacation is not a real vacation without shopping, we see together what, in my opinion, are the best stores in Rome.
Caffé Greco

To begin with is necessary you know how to orient yourselves, Rome is a very big city and it has a lot to offer to shopping addicted like me. Among the many fashion streets present, the biggest are: Via Condotti, maybe the most famous and glamour street in the city, that hosts several of the biggest international brands. From Gucci to Dior, passing through Cartier, Prada, Valentino and Hermes, just to quote a few. If you love luxury and elegance, there you'll find your Mecca. 

Continuing, you'll find Via Borgogna that hosts brands like Gianfranco Ferré, Fendi and Gai Mattiolo... if, like me, you are a fan of the great Audrey Hepburn, among a look to shop windows of Versace and Byblos, you can enjoy your Breakfast at Tiffany's italian version; another important stop of our tour is Via Cola di Rienzo that, with Via Ottaviano and Via Candia, is a real triumph of clothing and shoes store. Here, I suggest to give a look to stores like GENTE (Via Cola di Rienzo, 277), where you'll find young and low cost collections by brands like Juicy Couture and Y3 Adidas as well as the exclusive collection by Victoria Beckham. Continuing on the trial of young and low cost clothing, don't miss the selling point of the brand BRANDY & MELVILLE (Via Cola di Rienzo, 136).

Brandy & Melville
Other round, other store! In Via del Boschetto there are two of my favourite stores in Rome: ONLYHEART (Via del Boschetto, 78a/79), at the begin born as a lingerie store in New York and now one of the most elegant and glamour outlet in the city, where you'll find the perfect dress to match with your favourite briefs and C.A.M. (Via del Boschetto, 76), a workshop/store that shows off the estrus of the designers: clothes and fabrics are the rame of a place away from time and space.

If you love unique and original accessories don't miss FUOCO ARIA ACQUA (Via di Ripetta, 28), bright colors, a lot of glamour, accessories and leather goods for all tastes and budgets: everything rigorously handmade; or APELAB (Via dei Reti, 42), in the heart of San Lorenzo neighborhood, Eleonora Conili and Andrea Grassi propose their workshop. Keyword? Play with clothes. And woe to ask any suggestion! The client has to experiment and have fun with clothes. For the most altenative, lovers of vintage and handicraft 100% made in Italy, I suggest you to take a look to UTILEFUTILE (Via del Governo Vecchio, 20/a), using recycled materials - like old tapestry, embroidery and trimmings - the designers create unique pieces, all to discover and JONATHAN (Via di Rieptta, 38/a), if rinestones and ethnic accessories are your passion, this is the right place for you. A visit deserve places like NIA (Via Vittoria, 30), alternative accessories and clothes from all the world but also garments of emergent designers; HONEY BOP (Via Capponi, 70), among clothes, corsets and accessories, a true paradise of vintage where you can also find burlesque style items; 


ROCK CYCLE (Via dei Volsci, 44/b), in this amazing store you'll find posters, CDs, shoes, clothes and accessories (new and used)... a true fane of rock available to you; TOKO (Via del Corallo, 32), a lot of vintage but also exclusive garments realized with fabrics and techiniques retro style; SPAZIO PERIODICO (Via Palermo, 41), art, fashion and creativity are founded in one glamour and advanced reality; DODDO OFFICINA INDACO (Via della Reginella 8a), workshop totally dedicated to the manufacture of denim that you can customize with embroidery, studs and other inserts. And, if you like to sing out from the pack, the place you're looking for is 3cento4 (Via Pietralta, 304), accessoires unique and original, totally out of boxes. A little suggestion? Enjoy the initiative "la scarpa gioca" (the shoe plays): brough there a pair of simple ballerinas and give vent to your creativity, creating your unique artwork! And now, last but not least, I tell you a little secret I have taken from a drea friend of mine who would kill me if she knows I told you... CAMILLO E L'ARMADIO (Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 130e), the guilty pleasure, the sancta sanctorum of all roman fashionistas. Pay it a visit... you will thank me later!

Camillo e l'armadio
Doddo Officina Indaco

Our little tour in Rome is come to an end. As always I hope it will be helpful. I see you next time!
Love, Ladyfairy

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