I love shopping around the world: Buenos Aires

Hi guys! For I love shopping around the world, this the globe signs on of the most beautiful and culturally rich of the world, capital of Argentina, birthplace of tango: Buenos Aires. It's almost impossibile to describe with words the atmosphere you can breath in this little corner of paradise... a real explosion of colors, flavors and fragrances mixed with an energy and a joy of life that only portenos have. A unique place where tragedy and euphoria are perfectly mixed. An exuberant and cosmopolitan city renowed for the elegance and haughty attitude mainteined even in times of adveristy. 

Walking through its cobbled streets dominated by a bit decadent architecture and the colorful buildings, relax in some suggestive old café while tango dancers move sinously in front of your eyes is a real magical experience, almost as shopping. Like an old porteno proverb says: "An Argentine earns a pesos and spends two", portenos love to shop, the city is full of flagship stores of the most important international brands, antique shops, vintage and trendy stores and stalls where you can find whatever you want. So different fron each other, the neighborhoods have in common a unique porteno spirit, characterized by a melting pot of suggestions, cultures and social determinants.

Beating heart of shopping in Buenos Aires is surely Palermo, trés chic neighborwood of youth abit snob and trendy. It's divided in Palermo Holliwood and Palermo Soho and it goes from Calle Santa Fé to Cordoba. Inspired by english Soho, the argentine equivalent is a tribute to architectures that highliths a sophisticated taste and the research for detail. This barrio hosts the flaship stores of some of the most important brands, like Gucci and Chanel, and other interesting stores like Calma Chicca () that combines in a very weird way argentine tradition and kitsh of contemporary inspiration; Kukia (Bulnes, 2677), the collections have a varierty of products, ranging from jenas to dresses, from jackets to everyday usage items; Pasqueira (Armenia, 1493), imagine if Amelie owned her own clothing store... well, that's the feeling you have coming in this amazing shop; there son't miss Josefina Ferroni (Armenia, 1687), if you're looking for elegance and comfort, this is teh right place for you; Lupe (El Salvador, 4657) stylish and conservative at the same time, this store is very feminine with an amazing edgy vibe; 

Nadine Zlotogora (El Salvador, 4638), the designer is one of the most innovative of the city who combines different fabrics with all kinds of patchwork, among others; Amores Trash Couture (Angel Carranza, 1979), here you can find 80's style clothes combined with a modern and contemporary twist; DAM (Honduras, 4775), great place where is possible to find amazing hand-made designs; Lucila Iotti (Malabia, 2212), this is one of the greatest stores in Palermo. This designer's shoes are so feminine and glamour that 12 models had been requested for "Sex and The City" movie; Chicco Ruiz (Thames, 1780), in this shop you'll find amazing handmade shoes that make you feel like modern princesses; Donna Lola (Malabia, 1725), a fun boutique where to find trendy shoes and handbags; TBO - The Beautiful Ones (Costa Rica, 4737), a great store with a rock 'n roll vibe, where you'll find the t-shirts of your favourite bands, but not only...

Other center pf shopping in Buenos Aires is San Telmo, the place to go if you're looking for antiques but it also has a good amount of boutique and clothing stores that have an attractive bohemian vibe. Make sure to explore San Telmo on sunday, when the street of Defensa is closed off and becomes a great market where you can find whatever you're looking for. Here I suggest you to see stores like El Buen Oden (Defensa, 894), a true vintage paradise where you'll find all kinds of used clothes, jewerly, headwear and shoes; Puntos en el Espacio (Peru, 979), this store has many things ranging from clothes to jewerly, bags, shoes and household items. Everything here is young and hip. In the same street I suggest you to visit Pablo Ramirez (Peru, 578), one of the greatest designers of the city, all his creations are black and dramatic, characterized by a big attention to tailoring; Las Katz (Bondpland, 883), a thiny shop where the owners create accessories using buttons, stones, crystals, vintage embroidery and charms; Alicia de las Maravillas, an amazing shop that just only for its style deserves a visit: here you'll find stylish and ecletic clothes.  

In San Telmo don't miss the famous Feria San Telmo that takes place every sunday and where is possible to find the best of argentine tradition and eccentricity: next to bizarre vintage accessories you'll find 30's tango shoes, double face dresses of emerging designers and jewels with the colors of Boca Junior.

This little journey into the wonders of Buenos Aires is over. 
As always I hope to be helpfuand that you enjoyed it. See you next time!

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