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Is helded last 14th february the last edition of Madrid Fashion Week F/W 2014-15 that enrich the circle of european fashion weeks but that, too often, it takes a back seat in comparison to the most "important" three (London, Milan and Paris) and it's a shame because ot's one of the most interesting events of the season. In particular this years our hispanic cousins presented some glamour and collections that nothing have to envy to the others. But let's proceed with order... These are the collections that I've liked the most.

Is very colored and clearly inspired (for shapes and colors) to 80's the collection signed by Jesus Lorenco for f/w 2014-15, a collection that reinvents the use of fur for every age. Colors are so bright, shapes are fluid and a bit convex, fabrics like leather are declined in more sober, elegant and refined style at the same time lively and seductive.

Watching the show was like watching a western comedy. As modern and cool cowgirls the models walk the catwalk dressed with leather, fringe, spurred boots, cowboy hats and dresses, jackets and bottoms with prints that remind (in comic style) of motif of old wild west: catus, fire of bonfire, star badges fo scerifs and cow mantle.

At his fifth race as creative director of the brand, Elogy gave proof of his talent and sense of style with a collection minimal only in the name. Lines are clean and fluid, played on a varied palette of colors, fit smoothly to the body emphasizing the silhouette.

When you think about the trinomial fashion - style - elegance, you can't not to think to Hannibal Laguna. In this collection named "One Hundred", brand celebrates the idea of a sophisticated, ethereal but at the same time contemporary and cosmopolitan elegance. Dresses with fluid and little cocoon shapes are enriched by nets and precious crystal inserts, damped by the combination with casual and basic pieces that, almost in contraddiction, give further grace to a collection that is, on its own, sophisticated and delicate.

I'm always excited by the shows of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Her creations are so crazy to be ingenious and even this time she gave proof of her big talent. In the attempt to give more strenght to her brand she brought on catwalk something between a fashion show and dressing a showcase. In a mix of 80's, 90's and '00 prints, among hearts, flowers, stripes and circles mixed each other, takes life an energic and feminine collection, made of color and sprightliness animated by lovely 3D inserts.

Strong of his experience, Ion Fiz gives tribute to the classic tailoring tradition with an elegant collection with a retro taste that remind of 30's and london atmospheres. If daywear is characterized by high waist skirts, coats and shirts with rigorous shapes, nightwear is illuminated by light and sensuality with dress characterized by bold openings and necklines that provoque with elegance.

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  1. In love with Agatha Ruiz!!

    The Cutielicious

  2. So many amazing and fun collections to come out of Madrid! It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!


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