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Hy guys! Exceptionally for this month Fashion Icon of the month and Music & Fashion blend together electing as one big protagonist the explosive and poliedric actress/singer/and now designer Zooey Deschanel. <<Who's that girl? It's Jess!>> That's how reads the opening theme of New Girl, the tv show in which Zooey plays the role of the sweet and a bit cockeyed Jessica Day and that consacrated her as new queen of american television. But let's procead with order...

Class 1980, fringe and deep blue eyes, Emily's little sister (who looks like her less than Katy Perry or Emily Blunt do!), Zooey moves her first steps in the world of entertaiment playing in several videoclips. Her real first experience in the field of cinema arrives in 2000 when she plays the role of the rebel sister of Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous and two years later the role of Nora in The New Guy in which she makes noticed for her excellent singing talent. 

Elected queen of indipendent movies, after experiences and appearances more or less important in several movies, including Yes Man next to Jim Carrey, she gets the part of the most insufferable, insensitive and abnoxious protagonist of romantic comedy of last few years who literally brokes the heart of the poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Summer of 500 days of Summer: a great interpretation through which she shows off her versatility and that gives to her the chance to record some pieces of the soundtrack.

Yes, because in addiction to being a great actress, characterized by a strong comic and self-deprecating verve, the little Zooey is also a talented singer with a very particular and velvety voice... listen for yourselves. Anyway, maybe it's just Mother Nature, maybe the inevitable influence that the front man of The Death Cab for Cutie Ben Gibbard, old boyfriend and former husband, had on her does bring her to music so much that she founded, with the singer M. Ward, the folk-indie rock duo She & Him. Together they publish the fortunate Elf followed by She & Him: Volume Two

She likes famous brands like Chanel and Valentino but she does shopping at second-hand dealers and charity (at least as she says), she dresses up by mood but she looks like she has come out of an old fashion magazine. What makes everybody fall in love with Zooey is her being so delightful and funny and her look, I wouldn't exaggerate in saying it, a bit yesteryear, at times comic but inexplicably cool that makes her become in short time a real style icon, admired and imitated  for her sophisticated, preppy and vintage outfits.

It's her lovely retro style, inspired by 50's and 60's, that impressed Tommy Hilfiger so much who involved her in the realization of a capsule collection inspired by her, "To Tommy from Zooey". A collection that bears the signature of the actress who designed it and that's composed by 16 pieces inspired by 60's and the old Hollywood, by Twiggy's and Jean Shrimpton's looks in a modical, modern and nautical style, as she defines it.

She defines herself as the family clown, weird and a bit clumsy as Jess, the character she plays in New Girl and made her famous. What I like the most about Zooey is her being unconventional and extrovert without looking a caricature. Particular and funny as few, she has a big passion for jazz and an old charm. 

As on screen as on reality Zooey's look is always preppy and bon-ton. Main elements of her wardrobe are:  tweed coats and vintage dresses, flared skirts, romantic blouses, colored blouses enriched by funny applications or pins and ballerinas (she wears almost all the time)

A simple and lively style, easy to copy with clothes and accessories found (if you have patience and fortune)  in some vintage stores... And now a short selection of her best outfits. What do you think?

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