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Is ended just yesterday the last edition of Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014-15 the big event that closes the circle of european fashion weeks. This year more than pasts there were so many interesting proposals and sources of inspiration, so original and, why not, funny at times. Here the collection I liked the most.

Played on birght and soft pastel colors, the collection is inspired by the ink stone (the old japanese technique used for ideogrammatic writing). Metallic fabrics, fluid shapes, and delicate embroidery are the main elements of a fresh, young collection, chic and a bit urban.

My heart is beating like a jungle drum, onburuburobumbumbum... I can't stop thinking of this song when I look at this Tsumori Chisato's collection. Prints and bright colors are the iconic elements. Skirts that look like peeled bananas proposed in bright winter colors; a game that continues with shirts and sweaters. The motif of gorillas is everywhere: on prints and inserts that remind of their big and furry arms. In this imaginary jungle the woman shows off her wildest side.

Ladies and gentlemen, play your game. Is ironic and original the f/w collection signed by Olympia Le Tan. As modern magicians, surrounded by a scenary that look like a wonderland, models walks catwalk wearing elegant top hats, mini shorts and skimpy clothes that emphasize curves and decolté. It's the case to say that the designer played her full!

This romantic collection, elegant and timeless is inspired by the sacrifice of a woman in the name of love and emotions. In her collection she instills passion, seduction, theatricality and dispair. Colors and fabrics are the plot of this collection. Dark and sensual colors like black, blue and plum emphasize the structured and sculptured silhouettes through which the designer highlights movement, sensuality and female body.

A glamour collection that mixes the fascinating gold Hollywood atmospheres to 60's Swinging London and reinterprets the cult style of the designer, from smoking jackets to satin ribbon making foray into the shining worldof sequins that become printed themes on leather pieces.

This collection is absolutely delicious... it's androgynous but extremely feminine, played on male/female contrast and inspired by indie-rock  and preppy english atmospheres. It plays with baby-dolls with classic 60's dresses matched with oversized coats. It plays with the school girl style enriched by a urban touch and contrast materials: plaid prints and camouflage, among the others. Glamour and sexy, this is for sure one of most iconic Givenchy's collections.

Have you ever thought of setting up a fashion show in a supermarket? Well, someone did. And that someone could be not other than Kaiser Karl! PFW is tinged with ordinary life with models who walk among shelves and departments with ease and a bit of humor dressed up in casual clothes with a sporty taste: sneakers, jogging pants, leggins and oversized coats. What can I say? Grocery shopping has never been so cool!

Queen of minimal chic style, the woman of Chloé is the representation of traditional french style, elegant and contemporary. Lightful dresses, cocoon coats, over cabans and long column dresses with slits are the main elements. The palette fo colors rages from white to black to dusty tones that emphasize the femininity of dresses without falling into trivial romanticism.

Forget everything you knew about Givenchy's style. Riccardo Tisci twists the aesthetic of the brand, recently based on a street and sporty wave, through a ladylike and sensual collection that reinterprets the classic bon ton in a more modern and personal way, inspired by Bauhaus style. Forefront

As his first trial as creative director of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière doesn't make us regret Marc Jacobs and proposes an innovative collection dedicated to "real women". One side the traditional experience in handle leather is declined on clothes: bottoms, pants, dresses, coats and even eyeglasses are the protagonist of the show. On the other side the modern and high-tech reinterpretation of knitting, inevitable element of the wardrobe of Louis Vuitton's woman. 

The two souls of Valentino mix each other perfectly giving birth to a lively, romantic, funny, coloreful, folk collection characterized by a delicious pop taste. Every look is an artwork and represents different types of women. That's how that bon ton floral soft dresses alternate bright pop coats, fringe skirts and printed capes. All of this to express the concept of beauty that, as the designers said, is the mission of those who work in fashion.

For f/w 2014-15 the english designer presents a sophisticated and elegant collection with a DIY attitude. Pieces that play with the concepts of functionality and utility and the male/female contrast typical of the designer. The inspiring element is, this time, the zip that becomes application on coats and suits. A tribute collection to freedom, femininity and sensuality combined in a way that only Stella McCartney is able to do.

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  1. Chanel stole all the attention and Karl is a genius but some many other designers and labels don't get enough credit for their work



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