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Hi, guys! The protagonist of this month of Art & Expression is a dear friend of which I talked about few months ago... I'm talking about Lorena Balea Raitz, the talented blogger behind of Balea Raitz Art, who launched a curious as interesting challenge to all fashion bloggers on line and which I join with pleasure... almost out of time! I've already interviewed Lorena so, this time, I will let her drawings speak for her through a short imaginary interview to her amazing works.

Talk us about you.
We are different women, feminine, sensual and bold... a bit eccentric, maybe, but also ironic, cosmopolitan and trendy, born from the pen and the estrus of Lorena Balea Raitz, the amazing illustrator of Balea Raitza Art, and inspired by fashion magazines, tv, cinema and music characters. We like to look the best and we take care of our beauty without ignore personal style to which we pay particular attention. We do love colored clothes and accessories and we have a real obsession for high heels (we never take off them).

If you should describe your own style in three words, what they would be? 
Well... bold, colorful and energic.

You defined yourselves as bold, sensual, cosmopolitan and trendy. How do you live your own femininity? Do you think fashion is feminine?
Our femininity is like a thin essence that combines at the same time grace and inner strenght. Is the awareness to have a special power that transpires with naturalness and without aggressiveness. In our opinion femininity doesn't do fashion and vice versa, they're complementary but not consequential.

What kind of relationship do you have with your body? What part do you like the most? 
We have a good relationship with ourselves. We like our body because know our limits, but we can appreciate it and exploit ourselves. We learnt to look at ourselves with neutral eyes without comparing with other girls. In general what do we like the most about our bodies are neck and feet that Lorena can emphasize thanks to accessories, jewels and super high heels!

Let's talk about fashion. What fashion is to you? 
Fashion is a form of art. It's to have a unique personality that doesn't follow trends but has its own ones; an original, fresh, lively, sober and classy personality.

Now I question I ask to all the artists I interview: a quote or a motto that describe you most.
Surely it's a Oscar Wilde's quote: "One should be either a work of art or wear a work of art".

If you should say something to Lorena, what would you say?
We want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me so much. We saw the reality you saw, we knew your dreams and shared your desires. You teached us to dream. To dream together.

And now a greeting to Ladyfairy's readers. 
A big greeting to all of you. Let art be part of your life, it will lighten you up and it will make you stronger.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and her works as much as I did. If you want to know more about her on Facebook, Twitter and buy her works at Etsy.

I see you next time with Art & Expression on Ladyfairy's closet
Love, Ladyfairy

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  1. hello lady!!!

  2. Beautiful illustrations :)


  3. Non la conoscevo sai, le sue illustrazioni sono stupende e davvero molto brava. Ed anche tu lo sei stata con l'intervista. Ciao Chiara!:*


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