New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 pills

Hi, guys! It's just ended the latest New York Fashion Week S/S 2015, the firts I had the chance to watch in person and I have to admit it was such an amazing experience I will rember for the rest of my days... 

Models, designers, paparazzi, starlettes and then bloggers, editors, buyers... everything was a constant bustle! After seven days of fashion, here a short recap of the collection that thrilled me the most.

Smells of spring and romance the ss15 collection by Oscar de la Renta. Like lost inside of a fairy garden, delicate flowers dominate all over the soft organza and tulle dresses enriched by some crystal inserts and interspersed by laces, embroidery, fringes, and feathers. The shapes a little bit oversized, a little bit coccon and flared exalt the movements and enphasize the silhouette. 

Romantic a with a lovely boho touch, the collection is pretty delicious. The dresses move in perfect harmony with the body, declined in a palette of delicate pastel colors that rage from white to peach, from soft pink to light blue while the lines, light and floating, exalt the silhouette, sinous but, at the same time, natural.

In this collection Zac Posen has been able to convert to present all the glmaour of Hollywood of other times. Sinous and elegant, the models walk like new consumed divas wrapped in seductive silk and satin dresses, with hourglass and siren shapes, that focus the attention on hips and made in white, black and vermilion. 

Brigitte Bardot and the sensuality of the french riviera live again in the collection signed by DVF. Delicious bustier dresses, vichy patterns, brassiere top, floating long dresses and crimped skirts are the gems of of a fresh and young collection, ladylike, lively and, why not, even a little bit  mischievous.

Lightful, floating, ethereal. This is the woman imagined by Dennis Basso for ss 2015. Romantic and surrounded by flowers, she is wrapped in soft organza, silk and taffeta. Crystal and embroidery inserts create a delicious  contrast with the fur coats. Shapes are stright and flared, the palette of colors rage from white to peach, with golden, yellow and blue touches.

On catwalk all the beauty and the sensuality of a iconic city like Rio de Janeiro. Prints are so colorful and tropical fruits dominate crop tops and high waisted skirts animated by some optical motifs. Evrything is so feminine and seductive.

Minimal style is took to the limit in this collection characterized by rigour of proportions and care of details. The use of fabrics like jute, linen and double satin allows a kind of precision in the realization of shapes that suit perfectly to the body, exalting the silhouette in a very discrete way, without losing in sensuality and elegance. 

A collcetion that is a bit far of what we expect from a designer like Vera Wang. The turning dark gives to the collection a rockeuse taste that is coverted in the finale in a cool "urban-boho" style, where long floral dresses are matched with micro biker jackets with flared and asymmetrical shapes.

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