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Hi, guys! The protagonist of this month of Art & Expression is a young canadian artist, very fresh and talented. I've found her few time ago and I immediately fell in love with her amazing artworks. Her name is Karima and it's a real pleasure to me to introduce her to all of you through this little interview she did for Ladyfairy's closet.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Karima Bélaichouche, I'm from Québec, Canada. Unfortunately I do not work in the arts, I work in the field of administration. That doesn't sound very exciting... but there's no much opportunity in the arts here. Anyway, art is a passion to me. I've been drawing since I was very young. It's part of my life. I'm a very quite person. Creative. Full of ideas and projects. Other things I love... reading, cooking, music, fashion, soccer, math, geography. As you can see, I have a lot of interests.

When did you approach to art?
 Like I said, it was since I was young. I saw my mom drawing and I was so impressed by her talent. I do remember, that my mom always used to buy me a new box of crayons every Christmas, or at my birthday... and she still does do that! That was a way to encourage me to draw.

What stimulates you creatively?
Oh my! A lot of things! Fashion really inspires me. All the color in the clothes, the shapes and make up. I love to draw models that have special faces. I love Sasha Pivovarova, Lara Stone, Freja Beha... and lyrics... I draw a lot of things inspired by music.

If you should describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Creative, stubborn and mysterious. 

Thre's a character/reference in art world that you particularly esteem and appreciate? And why?
A lot of artists blow my mind! These times I really like everything that is a mix of watercolor and colored pencil.
The artist or artists whom inspire you the most.
Caroline Andrieu and Zhenya Zhuravlyova. They are just incredibly talented. Everything is just so perfect about theri techniques.

Susan Sontag, a famous american writer, says that art is "a way of getting in touch with one's own insanity". What art is to you? And what relationship do you have with it?
Art is everything to me. It defines who I am. Everything feels better when I'm drawing, 'cause it occupies all my mind and keeps me from thinking.

On what are you working right now?
I'm doing watercolor illustrations portrait of soccer players. Working on David Luiz and Neymar Jr.

Your illustrations oftn portray models and iconic characters of fashion industry. Do you have a favaorite fashion icon?
I really like Karl Lagerfeld, of course (the fashion God!), Freja Beha and Sasha Pivovarova are two models I really enjoy to draw.

My blog is basically focused on fashion. What fashion means to you? And how do you relate with it?
I think fashion is a way to express yourself. The way I'm going dress always depends on the way I feel. I think fashion is a living art. 

What is the thought behind your works?
It's all about self-expression and I think I'm trying to communicate my perception of the world, an emotion trhough my art.

Tell us about the creative process behind your creations.
I take inspiration from everything: music, a dream, my actual emotion, other people's work.

There's a particular place (city or museum) in which you'd like to expose your works?
Oh my! I've never thought about exposing my art. Seriously I have no idea... probably Paris or Portland (ME).
Any future projects?
I'm working on a children book for my nephew. I love children illustrations (Dallas Clayton is a genius).

A quote or a motto that defines you the most.
Don't grow up. It's a trap (keep your mind young!)!

A truthful advice from a young artist to a young artist: what is the main ingredient?
Passion, passion, passion.
What is, in your opinion, the first step to do in art world?
Find your own style. 

A greeting to the readers of Ladyfairy's closet.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview! And thank you to Ladyfairy's closet for thinking I'm great enough to be part of one of your posts!

If you want to know moe about this amazingly talented artist found her on her webiste 
 I hope you enjoyed her works as much as I did. 
I see you next time!

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