Christian Louboutin: the capsule collection

It was 1992 when Christian Louboutin opened his first boutique in Paris and launched his first collection with the iconic red sole (appreciated by customers), named “Love, Trash etc…“, considered chic and feminine. He started to make notice, quoting the brand internationally.

In years the brand has received an extraordinary success and it became warranty of style and quality and one of tto he most trusted brands in the world, appreciated by celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Dita von Teese and not for last, Blake Lively, big fan of the brand, to wich Louboutin has dedicated the “Blake“.

Twenty years have passed since that 1992 and to celebrate this extraordinary milestone, the disgner has launched a really incredible capsule collection with a catchy name “20 shoes for 20 years of Christian Louboutin“, dedicated to all  “fashionable women who have good taste and a always full wallet in their bag“. There are shoes  for any taste: flats lace up shoes, ballerinas, sandals, boots, booties, stiletto heels and platform shoes with high heels… all of them retrace the brand’s story and sources of inspiration of the designer. My favourites are: Pensée, pop yellow mary-jane shoes with 60′s floral decorations; Pluminette, sandals inspired by Hollywood’s red carpets with ankle strap, embellished with soft feathers; Pigalove, leather ballerinas with a romantic written “love” in rhinestones on the tip.

Christian Louboutin capsule collection - Pensée

Christian Louboutin capsule collection - Bow Bow
Christian Louboutin capsule collection - Armadillo Bride, Bois Dore, Daf Booty Tag,, Pigalove, Havana Woman Trash

The collection is completed by six bags created exclusively for the collection, as the Artemis Bag, that show Paris in the view of Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin capsule collection - Maykimay Degrade, Newspaper, Pilule

Christian Louboutin capsule collection - Artemis Paris, Artemis Plumes, Artemis Shoemania

A collection to not miss, available from february 27 at Selfrideges, in London, and at the parisian boutique, and from march in the rest of Europe.  It’s not all, monsieur Louboutin makes an other gift to the most passionates: from march 28 to july 1, the collection will be visible at Design Museum in London.

Here the entire collection: http://www.christianlouboutin.com/#/20_years

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