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It’s know, the union between art and fashion is consolidated since immemorial time. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to create a new heading dedicated to art world and its all expressions. And about creations of art and fashion, in this first post, I want to talk about a girl that I knew some time ago on polyvore’s site (http://georgina-m.polyvore.com/). I’m talking about Georgina Madrigal, twenty-three American girl graduate  on art history and museology and engaged on 360 degrees in the art’s world: she’s working on an art center, two public art projects, she’s also working with a state government arts agency, a contemporary art gallery and she has worked in an archaeological museum. A girl just like the others, with a certain creative spirit. 

Discovered on polyvore, I definetely fell in love with her sets: they're true artistic creations, super original. Georgina, starting from an image of a fraimwork or a sculpture, creates an outfit paired with colors or themes. «Today I wear Renoir!... or every other artist». That's what I think when I see Georgina's set. When I asked her how she has the idea of creating sets inspired by the paintings and what is her way to intend fashion, she said: «I decided to combine art and fashion as a means to find new inspiration because paintings, sculpture etc makes me look at pattern, color and texture in a more intimate way and makes me want to create and draw ideas from them». The basic idea is, therefore, to look at artists as fashion designers who, with their works, anticipate trends and ways to create.

Clothes and accessories inspired by all artistic currents: from the realism of Caravaggio to pop art of Andy Warhol. She didn’t forgot anyone: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Turner, Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Klimt and in particular contemporary artists as Lichtenstein, O’ Keefe, Jones and Corneilles, just to mention a few. What can I say? Ingenious! Now we can look at art as a source of ispiration to enrich our wardrobe, creating a unique and personal style. A talented girl to keep an eye, http://www.theyoufinder.com/. 
Here, some examples of her works:

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  4. Style of the Mona Lisa inspired me. I will definitely copy him. Great blog!


  5. omg!!!! i looooved this post, art and fashion go so well together!

  6. Nice posting. Thank you for sharing with us. Personally I like it.
    nealcaffrey and Antoine L


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