I love shopping around the world: Shanghai

Hi ladies! Welcome back to the little space dedicated to shopping around the world! We start again with an exotic touch... This moth we are in Shanghai, one the most beautiful and big cities in China, perfect uinion between east ans west, and true paradise for all shopping lovers!

In spite of the economic difficulties that concern the whole world, in Shanghai there's no crisis that can put a stop to shopping. Despite every forecast, in fact, in last years are born several shopping malls and stores, for the happiness of all sophaolics! No matter what you're looking for or what is your budget, in Shanghai you will find it. 

Like any other metropolis of the world, Shanghai also has its streets dedicated to shopping; it's divided into "four streets and four cities". The first is Nanjing Road that is considerated the most important shopping street in Shanghai: born during the 20's, despite the years, it's still alive and full of interesting opportunities; here is possible to find a great variety of prestigious stores, from the oldest ones to the biggest flagship stores of brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Burberry (just to quote few), to shopping centers. A little less sparkingl than Nanjing Road, but not less important, is Huaihai Road, economic chinese capital that still is one of the most fascinating streets of the city, celebrated for its elegance, with more than 400 stores of every type. Here, you can also find the flagship stores of some of the biggest designers of the world. Continuing this little trip, we are now in North Sichuan Road, apprecciated by youth and full of stores of the biggest low cost brands. Last but not least there's Middle Tibet Road, main destination of tourism and great food, chinese style!

Nanjing Road

If you have the chance to visit this amazing city, suspended in a timeless space between tradition and modernity, here some little tips about shops to not miss. I suggest you to take a look to Shanghai Tang, a famous chinese clothing brand: here you'll find super cute korean collars and amazing dresses with dizzyng gaps. Prices are expensive but the quality is granted: pure silk, precious cotton and jade buttons; Parkson Shopping Center: in this mall you'll find reasonable prices and many special offers in the form of discounts and other promotions. Even the brand-name clothing is reasonably priced here; Maison Mode: in this store , considerated the heart of Huaihai Road, you can breath a western breeze thanks to the pieces of brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss and Bally (prices are naturally expensive, but you know what they say: what wouldn't you do for love...); Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Xujiahui Shopping City and Jali Sleepless City: here you will find the best of chinese handicraft, several outlets and goods suitables to every pockets, especially amazing jade and silver jewels that totally deserve the visit.

Parkson Shopping Center

Maison Mode

If what you want is some cute clothes that don't cost you a fortune I suggest you to see Honk Kong Famous Shop Street and Xiangyang Road. I also suggest you to take a look to Dimei Shopping Center: here you'll find lovely and stylish clothes with very small prices. And to those who, like me, have an insane passion for shoes, I say to not miss North Shaanxi Road, specialized in selling shoes, blessing of every woman.

Xiangyang Road

If you have the chance to spend more time in Shanghai, don't miss the fabric market in Lujiabang Road: watch the colored and bright silk, the cotton and other precious fabrics, it's really great... without count the fact that near there you can make realize tailored clothes. A great example is in Katano Maoming Road, where in a small store, an old eighty tailor will create your own tailored dress. 

Katano Maomi Road

Beautiful, interesting and rich of a mysterious charm, Shanghai is a city to discover and live! I'm totally in love with this it and I hope to be able to intrigue you too. The appointment with I love shopping around the world is next month. I see you around the world!

With love

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